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Yedup is a leading artificial intelligence research and exploitation hub. We are working with global social media partners to deliver the next generation of real-time firehose analytics capability — providing instant and accurate insight on what the world is thinking right now about issues that matter most to our clients. Our machine learning technology delivers industry leading speed and accuracy for time-critical applications in finance, marketing and media.

Making Sense of Social Media

It's a New

Abbreviations, acronyms, emojis, emphatic spelling. Our algorithms are designed to learn the meaning of non-standard strings and new words as they appear in the global social media conversation. With our approach, you never miss a word in any domain context!


Around 1500 new words and phrases appear in the global conversation each day. Over time this adds up. Words also have different meanings in different contexts, topic domains, and countries.


Our algorithms deploy the latest artificial intelligence technology which adapt to keep pace with the way the world expresses itself. These methods are context aware and are therefore suitable for all domain specific applications.

Industry Applications

Unlocking new information value for business ...


For Hedge Fund Managers and HFTs, our real-time social media analytical signals provide the added edge by ensuring they are first to know about how “new information” posted on social media will impact on price movements.


For brand managers and PR, our real-time social media analytical signals provide insights on consumer attitudes, pricing and competitive position and, importantly, real time reputation management.


For media channels, our real time feeds add content value to coverage of current affairs, sport, music, personalities, and public opinions on key issues.

... Yedup has the fastest and most accurate coverage

Be First To Know

What will you do with 95% accuracy — in real-time?

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning lab has developed the fastest and most accurate algorithms to extract information on target sectors and issues in real time from global social media streams. Our work is truly ground breaking.

Yedup algorithms evolve continually using robust mathematical and statistical techniques to maximise accuracy, precision and recall. In doing so, we keep pace with the changing language and expression used in social media to describe the issue of importance to our customers.


We can process more than 100k social media posts per second, with industry leading low latency. We always deliver our results in real time.


Our systems use artificial intelligence to evolve continually to reflect the fluid nature of social media expression and keep pace with the latest lingo.

Language Agnostic

Our systems work with all major languages and script systems. As a result, we can cover social media channels in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Domain Aware

Machine learning also captures the domain-specific meanings of certain words and phrases, so the true meaning of what is said is understood in its proper context.

Yedup: Evolving Intelligence


Real time information discovery and information arbitrage

SodaBread is our premier product for Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders and Algorithmic Trading. SodaBread monitors global social media content continually in real time using Yedup technology. SodaBread extracts current investor and consumer views and opinions about financial instruments, companies, industries and markets - and produces streaming signals that may be used to identify advantageous trading opportunities. By getting price-sensitive information published on social media to the market faster and more accurately than other channels, Yedup ensures that our clients will be first to know about impending market movements.

Clients will connect to the SodaBread streaming API for one or more specific:

  • stock ticker signals (major quoted equities)
  • quoted company signals
  • industry signals
  • market/country signals

SodaBread will launch as a limited release in Q2 2016

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The Team

Passionate about AI technology and innovation

A diverse team of statisticians, technologists and business professionals we have come together with a shared vision of creating innovative approaches to understanding the deluge of social media data that exists today and is continually growing.

In essence we combine statistics and adaptive machine learning to solve hard problems! A highly experienced team with backgrounds across many sectors, we have first hand experience of the power of getting the right information at the right time, and equally know the costs of getting it wrong.

Our team comprises leading researchers in areas of information extraction and real time analytics, and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box, unconstrained by existing technology. As a leading tech innovator, we work directly with the major social media brands to monitise value from firehose streams, by extracting valuable information and enabling end users to react fast to protect their interests.

Yedup Limited is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer and therefore does not participate in the offer, sale or distribution of securities, nor does it provide any investment advice.

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We are based in Belfast in the UK.

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